The Toy Dolls E.P.
1981, Decca

Dig That Groove Baby
1983, Volume

A Far Out Disc
1985, Volume

Singles 83 - 84
1986, Volume

Idle Gossip
1986, Volume

Bare Faced Cheek
1987, NIT

Ten Years Of Toys (collection)
1989, NIT

Wakey Wakey
1989, Receiver

High Spirits (Japan only collection)
1990, Volume

Twenty Tunes Live From Tokyo (live collection)
1990, Receiver

Fat Bob's Feet
1991, Receiver

The Collection
1992, Castle

1993, Receiver

1995, Receiver

The History 1979 - 1996 (collection)
1996, Receiver

One More Megabyte
1997, Receiver

The History Part II (collection)
1998, Receiver

The Wonderful World Of The Toy Dolls (collection)
1999, Cleopatra records

On Stage In Stuttgart (live collection)
1999, Receiver

Anniversary Anthems
2000, Receiver

Very High Spirits (Japan only collection)
2001, Toy's Factory

The Best Of The Toy Dolls (collection)
2001, Music Club (EDEL)

We're Mad (Anthology)
2002, Sanctuary/Zomba

Covered In Toy Dolls (collection)
2002, Captain Oi!


Tommy Kowey's Car
1980, GBH
Strength Thru Oi (kompilace)
1981, Decca

Everybody Jitterbug
1982, EMI

Nellie The Elephant
1982, Volume
Kids Are United (kompilace)
1983, MFN

Cheerio & Toodle´pip
1983, Volume

Alfie From The Bronx
1983, Volume

We're Mad
1984, Volume
Nellie The Elephant
1984, Volume

She Goes To Finos
1985, Volume

James Bond Lives Down Our Street
1985, Volume

Geordie's Gone To Jail
1986, Volume

Turtle Crazy
1990, Receiver

Lazy Sunday Afternoon
1995, Receiver

Livin' La Vida Loca
2000, Receiver