1981, Epitaph

How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
1982, Epitaph

Into The Unknown
1983, Epitaph

Back To The Known
1984, Epitaph

1988, Epitaph

No control
1989, Epitaph

Against The Grain
1990, Epitaph

80 - 85 (Collection)
1991, Epitaph

1992, Epitaph

Recipe For Hate
1993, Epitaph

Stranger Than Fiction
1994, Atlantic (Epic, Dragnet) (SONY)

All Ages (Collection)
1995, Atlantic (Epic, Dragnet) (SONY)

The Gray Race
1996, Atlantic (Epic, Dragnet) (SONY)

Tested (live/3 studio) 
1997, Atlantic (Epic, Dragnet) (SONY)

No Substance
1998, Atlantic (Epic, Dragnet) (SONY)

The New America
2000, Atlantic (Epic, Dragnet) (SONY)

The Process Of Belief
2002, Epitaph